Ever have trouble studying figures in articles?

Let's say you read some text describing a figure. You then have to scroll down and look for the figure. Once found, you have to expand the figure or even pop it out in a window.

Then you scroll back up to the text, by which time, you've forgotten why you scrolled in the first place.

Javascript to the rescue

Fear no more!

The javascript plugin supplescroll transforms a page into a dynamic 3-column layout that fixes the figure problem.

Clicking on a figure link in the text will now scroll to the figure in a different column.

Special reverse links in the figure takes you to all the places in the text that refer to it.

Here are the features of supplescroll:

  • 3 independent column layout for TOC, text and figures/references
  • Table of Contents (TOC) generated from <h*> tags in the document
  • figures are loaded in high-resoultion only, no useless thumbnails
  • clicking on figure links will induce the figure column to scroll directly to the figure
  • as the main-text is scrolled, the figure/reference column will automatically scroll to the next figure
  • special back links to the point-of-reference in the text are constructed for every figure and refernce
  • every header, figure and reference is given a unique hash fragment in the URL
  • figures expand with the page as the webbrowser page is expanded.

Easter egg

If you actually read this far, then here's a design tweak treat. After the URL, and before the hash, if you add ?style=yeolde, you'll get a different theme. Available themes: light, dark, sphinx and clown.

© 2014 Bosco Ho